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Are you happy? Few simple tips for a happier life.

Updated: Jan 21

At least once in a lifetime, as a ultimate goal, we all dream about being rich and driving that fancy car that we always wanted. We often see happiness as something that can be reached only in exchange of something, usually materialistic.

I guess you know the saying “Money doesn't buy happiness”. We agree with that but still our life can easily become a dollar-chasing experience. We convince ourselves that we can be happy only with a bigger bank account. Off course this isn’t the same for everyone but tell me that you have never thought, not even once, that money can buy you happiness. Honestly if you said “No”, I wouldn’t believe you.

Having a fuller wallet can help you smile. With money you can buy things and services that makes you happy temporarily but real happiness doesn’t have a price tag on it.

But what is happiness?

Perhaps a mother, father, brother, sister etc. they think they know what is “happiness” for us. In reality, they only know what is “happiness” for them or at least they think to know it.

With that in mind they are probably trying to build our lives by pushing us to do stuff that will generate happiness. Maybe this is just something they missed out doing it in their life or with good intentions (hopefully) they want to guide us towards happiness and accomplishment according to the models of our modern society.

Finish the studies.

Find a secure job.

Get money.

Buy a car.

Make a family.

Take care about your family all your life.


If this is your dream life and makes you genuinely happy with nothing missing, fine, embrace that.

Wherever you are in your life, whatever your ife condition or family situation is, allow me to ask you something and please answer sincerely.

Are you happy? Deeply happy?

If the answer is no, something it’s wrong.

We go through our whole life searching for meaning, fulfilment but what we really want is just to be unconditionally happy.

Imagine profound happiness radiating from you 24/7. Would you still worry about anything else?

It may sounds like a paradox, something unachievable, the so called Nirvana, the total peace, unconditional love for any living being and a flow of joy that makes you feel deeply connected with the universe from within.

Well, this can be hard to achieve from one day to another but there are little things that we can do every day in order to feel happier with ourselves and then share that happiness with others.

I think it is much more pleasant in the morning to see a happy face than a grumpy one.

Do you remember when it was the last time that you were really happy? How long did it last?

We live frenetically in a fast-paced world, buying small pills of happiness on the go. Like many pills, they treat only the symptoms but not the root cause of the problem which in this case is unhappiness.

Living with a so-called “incurable” disease, finding real happiness for me has always been a challenge. Along the way I became much more aware of what is truly important which helped to cope with any problem and guided me towards happiness.

I wanna be honest, it doesn’t always work. It is a constant practice not a quick fix and writing this blog post is also a good reminder to myself.

Use these little tips, make them into a habit. These positive changes in your mood will change the way you see your life and day by day will bring you closer to a happier life.

Do what you really want and not what other people expect you to do.

I heard too many stories of people renouncing their dream and their vocation in order to follow a “secure” path. This path was often imposed by their parents with certain expectations. That’s why we have depressed bank directors, unhappy architects, grumpy lawyers and incapable doctors.

In order to meet other people's expectations we are ready to suppress our dreams and happiness.

So stand up for yourself, do what really makes you happy without caring about what other people will think or that you may let them down. Anything done for your own happiness in a genuine way, can’t be wrong.

Be grateful every single day.

How can you think that the universe/god will send you more amazing things if you are unable to be grateful for what you already have?

By loving what arises and being grateful everyday for every little things already present in your life you discover the deepest understanding of the Universe in the most divine way—true happiness is just right there, within and around you, at your fingertips.

We take so many things for granted, just because we are used to have it in our everyday life we have stopped to see the beauty in it.

Be grateful because you are alive.

Be grateful because the sun is shining.

Be grateful because you are healthy.

Be grateful because you have food to eat everyday.

Be grateful because you have a bed where you can sleep comfortably each night.

Be grateful for every “simple” thing you have in your everyday life.

Make a list everyday of at least 10 things for which you are grateful and imagine not having them for a moment.

Do they still seem so obvious?

Be grateful every single day. Everyday in your life is like an empty page in a book where you are allowed to write and create anything you want.

Be your own priority.

Are you the most important person in your life?

We often tend to take on more weight than we can handle, some personalities are ready to push back their wants in order to please others. It isn’t wrong to make your loved ones happy but have you ever asked to yourself what you really want in your life? And how often do you make time for yourself?

This can be achieved by working on your life goals, sitting in a cafe and reading or just by taking some time for self-care. No matter what, take time for yourself and make you a priority.

Learn how to say no to others, this it doesn’t mean being egoist but just loving yourself more.

Helping others is a beautiful action, it fulfils you but when you forget about yourself how can you bring joy to others?

So make the time to do something you love. Say yes to yourself and do what is best for you.

Take care of your health.

Health is the greatest wealth and trust me, with it you can have all the happiness that comes within.

During my roller-coaster ride with the symptoms of ulcerative colitis, I deeply learned that health is a key point in order to live a happy life.

Honouring your body everyday with good and healthy food, establishing healthy routines and building some practices that support your psycho-physical health is the best gift that you can do to yourself.

Unfortunately most people, understand the importance of being healthy and the great luck of having optimal health only once that it is gone and sometimes that can be too late.

So change your lifestyle, sleep more, prefer fruits over a donuts, your body will thank you later with much more energy and happiness.

Check here this nice article about 10 insights for a happy and satisfied life :) http://inlpcenter.org/why-am-i-never-satisfied-10-insights-for-a-happy-and-satisfied-life/

Happiness is relative and not the same for everyone. What makes you happy today might not make you happy tomorrow and it cannot have the same effects on everyone but by following these little tips, I am sure that will help you to find the happiness lost along the way.

Much love.

Italo Calandra

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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